Monday, 1 June 2009

hummingbird.. and kitties!

Hi guys! So after talking to the lovely and ever-supportive Kate, I decided to list some beads on eBay again. EEK! I haven't sold beads on eBay in aaaaaaaaaages (since they upped their fees for having a shop) and I'm a bit nervous as I've put the gorgeous Hummingbird Garden Focal (seen above) up on the block! All the listings start at just 99p. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please! Pop on over and have a look :)

My lovely friend, Laura, is organising a charity event for a little boy who desperately needs our help. As soon as she mentioned wanting artists to donate to the cause I was in! I asked her to let me know what kind of things she was after and she mentioned one of her friends likes cats. So I decided to make a cat focal. Then I just couldn't stop!! I made TWENTY cat focals in two days!! The above pic is from day 1. From left: Dune, Vixen, Summer, Melba and Princess Bast. Bottom row: Violet, Marina, Baby Rose, Jitterbug and Lilac. What do you think? Click on their names to be taken to their eBay auction or Etsy page!

This is day 2 of the great kitty focal project. Top from left: Luna, River, Skyleigh, Edgar and Azure. Bottom row: Fifi, Sandy, Leilani, Sweetpea and Capone. I went a bit more nutso on day 2 and made some pretty silly kitties. I had SO much fun! I have already received quite a few orders for kitties (Edgar the Zombie Kitty is proving quite popular!) and I'm open for more orders. Want one of these kitties? Want a custom kitty? How about a kitty that looks like your pet? Just email me at and I'll be happy to help :)

I hope you all have a great week! I'm off to make more kitty focals!! :)



theothermousie said...

Oooh I'm loving the kitties!!! They are adorable xx

PrairieCottageRose said...

Sweetie, love your kitties- and I'm not even a cat person:) Hope you do well on Ebay! I like to keep a few auctions going, despite their higher fees. Items tend to sit around in my etsy shop a long time, but I can count on them selling on Ebay:)

Keiara Wells said...

thank you!! :) xox

Beadyjan said...

Oh waht gorgeous kitties

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