Wednesday, 4 November 2009

ask and ye shall receive.. PIGTURES!

Hi guys!! As promised here are some guinea piggie 'pigtures' :) First up is Cupcake. She is quite shy and sticks her head out repeatedly before she feels confident enough that the weird woman with the purple hair isn't going to have her in a sandwich :P It takes her several minutes to get up the courage to come out of her little hidey home :)

But it's worth the wait! Isn't she lovely? She's such a dainy little girl and such a sweetiepie. Her sister, Muffin, could not be convinced to make an appearance today :( You can just about see her bum through the entrance to the tunnel in the upper left of this pigture. (You know I'm ALWAYS gonna use that term from now on, right?! Pigture.. *cracks up*) Cupcake LOVES broccoli and was happily munching away. She stopped to make sure my camera was not a threat and then continued chowing down ;)

And here are my sweet, sweet boys! They're happy to eat out of my hand (which is the odd looking thing in the upper left.. sorry, bad angle!) and here they are munching some parsley. Excuse the action shot.. that's how much they love the parsley!

Here they are minding their table manners a bit more. Ginger Nut (left) and Chips are warming up to me quite well so far. They don't seem overly scared when I put my hand in the cage and they'll even sniff at my fingers (if there's food involved of course!). The boys are really adorable and don't seem to fight at all! They sleep together in their little hidey house and don't seem to argue over food either.

The girls on the other hand!! The girls seem to be having some 'top pig' issues. Muffin (the shy one) won't come out of her tunnel when I'm around (although she DID take a bit of carrot from me yesterday.. but she cheated and only poked her head out of her tunnel) but she also won't let Cupcake IN the tunnel! Whenever Cupcake tries to enter the tunnel, much squeaky protests sound and Cupcake comes running back out. They sleep separately and I have not seen them share food at all. Muffin just tries to nab Cupcake's food if Cupcake happens to wander too close to the tunnel with a bit of veg. It's bizarre! I'm hoping the girls settle in and Muffin starts coming out of the tunnel more. I've read up and it says to give them about a week to settle in before really starting to handle them so that's what I'm doing. Let's hope a week is enough time for Muffin to quit being such a moody pig.. LOL ;)

A parting shot of Ginger Nut. He is SO adorable! I just love his little face and his pretty colouring. I can't wait til these little piggies start bonding with me more!

Lots of piggie hugs and love to all of you! Have a great week ;)

keiara (& the piggies)


Vicki said...

Aw... I WANT ONE :-p they are adorable!!!


WillOaks Studio said...

Hi Keiara, just dropping by to see what's up and look at these cutie-pies!! What a lot of fun. And looks like you've really done a new do on your's incredibly awesome!

FeltersJourney said...

AAawgh theyre lovely minipigs! Something else we have in common - we`ve had guineas for YEARS now... our herd has dwindled to just 2 old girls now.
What do Pig & Bun make of the newbies?

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thanks girls!! Pig and Bun think they're pretty nifty :) Bun licked one of their feet! It was soooo cute. I haven't let them get too close yet though as the piggies are still settling in. I can't wait til they can come out and play more! xox

SteamPunkGlass said...

They are sooo cute!!!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Awww! They're so cute! I love little furry things that make little noises & scuttle about in a cute way! give 'em a cuddle from me.
Joey xx

ChatElaine said...

They are all cuties, once they all settle in I'm sure you will have them all eating out of your hands. The more you handle them the tamer they become, they will always run away from you when you pick them up. Miss B had some but they are no longer with us, just Bubbles the Bunny! I miss their little squeakie noises, they always shouted at us when we walked by or it was feeding time!! Buttercup had red eyes and she was definitely the one in charge!! Blossom was the cutest though I do miss her!!! AAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Aww... great shots of some very cute lil piggies! xx

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