Monday, 28 June 2010

Hello Monday!

Hi everyone!

Wow, life has been such a roller coaster these past few months and my blogging (and bead making time) has really suffered. I'm trying very hard to get back into the swing of things now. This morning the tables arrived for my studio (which are so heavy I cannot possibly get them upstairs by myself - EEEK!) so I'm hoping against hope that I can talk Naomi and her hubby into helping me set up the studio.. which I haven't asked her about and am now announcing on my blog. NO PRESSURE, GNOMIE BABY! Heehee ;)

Since I don't have everything up and running just yet, I'll be listing beads solely on Etsy for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll have everything back to normal by mid-July-ish. Who knew it would take this long?! So! I have plenty of new beads including the Touch of Gold Tree Focal pictured above. I'm so in love with this bead. I am totally NOT a gold girl (won't wear the stuff) but there's something about the way it looks in a bead that really catches my eye.

I also have a few of my mega floral cupcakes in my by keiara Etsy shop as well as a cute little pair of cupcakes, too!

And, of course, I've added a bunch of my kooky kritters! This is my Pretty in Pink Kooky Bears set and I love their little faces! There is also a matching focal and a matching earring pair! The kritters are all SO much fun to make :) I have kittens, owls, hamsters.. even zombie bears!

I'm off to photograph the beads I made in Naomi's studio last week. I hope you all have a wonderful week and spread some smiles and love to those around you!



Marjorie said...

=) Love to you Sweetness, may your Tables be Carried up soon! ;) Mx

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

heehee, thanks, darling!! love you <3

ChatElaine said...

Busy, busy even without a studio. Hope it is sorted for you soon. Loving the new red hair btw! Fab!! My new torch is now set to go, I am so excited!! Love to you!! ♥ xx

Karen said...

hope someone helps you, have the dogs settled in from the move? sounds like you have been busy

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

oooh, wonderful, Elaine!!! yay for new torches!!

aww, Karen, I couldn't bring my doggies with me :'( it's just me.. all by myself. I miss them terribly :(

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