Friday, 24 April 2009

death by... cupcakes?!

Happy Friday everyone!! I've been super busy this week working on custom orders. Above is a shot of *some* of the custom cupcakes I created this week for my lovely friend Michelle. I made so many cupcakes I thought I would die from sugar shock! ;) I made cupcakes in rainbow colours, pink cupcakes, cupcakes with ladybugs on top, cupcakes with crowns (my favourites!) and assorted cupcake earring pairs. I had tons of fun making them but it will be nice to have a little break next week from cupcake making.. lol :)

I also made a couple of sets of my farmyard animals including my new roosters! The pig, puppy and cow all have little bows on their tails too :D I love animal beads but have yet to make myself any! I really should get around to doing that... someday!

This is my favourite set of cupcakes from the custom order. Purple Princess Cupcakes. Aren't they sweet?! They're tricky to make with those teeny goldstone crowns but sooooooooo worth it in the end. I used some of my favourite purple glasses for these and I really like the overall look of them. Another set I must make for myself when I have some spare time!

Did everyone have a nice St. George's Day? I made bangers & mash cause I'm so British.. heehee :) I also made this fab chocolate brownie dessert that my mother made for our Easter party in Florida. Brownies, chocolate pudding (like thick custard) topped with whipped cream and chopped chocolate toffee bars (called Heath bars in America.. they are totally YUM!). It was so yummy but I definitely should have divided it into, say, EIGHT servings instead of two.. haha. Steve ate all of his but mine went back into the refrigerator after a few bites. (I might have just had a few more bites with lunch though!) Next year I shall plan better and make a red & white meal/dessert. I'm not used to celebrating this holiday!

Any plans for the weekend? I plan to be lazy and kill some zombies on Left4Dead. I think we might be going out for dinner tomorrow as it's the 4 year anniversary of our first phone call. Haha.. yeah, I'm sad. But I enjoy it! When you're in a long distance relationship that began online these things become the equivalent of your first date! Ok, I'm going to stop talking now because now you think I'm crazy.. well, crazier.

Have a great weekend!



Goth Honey said...

Oh my god, there is far too much gorgeousness to digest in this blog!

You already know how much I LOVE your cupcakes, they are just yummy!

I have to say, however, that your little animals are ace too! :D You rule x

SteamPunkGlass said...

I think I've got suger shock just looking at those cupcakes and hearing about that chocolate desert! yum!

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Hehe!! Sorry to have contributed to the sugar shock, but I *had* to get a pair of those fantastic cupcakes as earrings. Thanks again K for all my fantastic jewellery!!! :D
I love those farmyard animal beads. Very cute indeed!! xx

ChatElaine said...

Well you really deserve your Cuppycake Queen title after all that yummy cupcake making!!!
Those purple ones are delish!! Love you new animals. Any for the swap??

bluefairy said...

Mmmmmm, hungry now ;-p gorgeous honey x

Keiara Wells said...

thanks everyone!!! :) you're all too sweet!! ;) xox

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