Saturday, 23 May 2009

new Summer Garden series!

Hi everyone! Recently I've been pretty busy with custom orders so I haven't had tons of time to work on new ideas. I decided that last week I was going to set aside some time to explore new things and I came up with my new Summer Garden series! I was sitting in front of my torch thinking about how much I love England in summer. It's a veritable explosion of colour in the summer and cottage gardens are so charming and welcoming. I wondered if I could capture that feeling in a bead. With that thought in mind, Daffodil Garden was born. I started with a bright summer's day for the base and then added flowers and ladybugs til my heart was content. I'll definitely be re-visiting the daffodils again this week!

Next up was Calla Lily & Wisteria Garden. The calla lillies were a bit of a learning curve but I think they came out quite nice. I added a couple of pink roses and ladybugs for good measure. I like the different colours in this focal and I already have another wisteria bead planned!

Finally I had to try some strawberries! I wasn't sure what to pair with them and went with sunflowers in the end. Sunflower & Strawberry Garden was a bit more difficult to create than the others as a lot of the detail in this one is quite tiny. I'm happy with the overall results though :) I'm thinking more strawberries will be appearing soon too!

So what do you think of this new series? Each bead, as with my tree focals, is signed with a small heart on the back. To make them even more special I added a tiny bluebird on the back as well. A little friend to make you smile :) Any suggestions for other flowers you'd like to see in this series? Coming up next week will be lillies, freesia, irises and pansies. I'd love to hear what you think!

Hope you're all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend!




Julie Haveland Beer said...

Your new Garden Series is wonderful, Keiara! Looking forward to see what other flowers, berries and bugs emerge on your beautiful beads!! :-)

Goth Honey said...

TEENY TINY STRAWBERRIES! :D You know I love these already doll face, but I'll say it again - they are lovely!

Clever lady x

PrairieCottageRose said...

Sunflowers! Too wonderful Keiara! Want to trade? :o)

PrairieCottageRose said...

Oh, hay. Me again. Can I use some of your pictures for my blog? I'd like to brag about you!

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls!! :) aww, thanks, Shelley! please feel free to use any pic you like! xox

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Wow K!!! I love your new Summer Garden focals and the little strawberries are so cute!!
Looking forward to seeing the other designs you have planned. :D xx

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