Wednesday, 16 September 2009

keiara's keepers: Joey's Dream Garden

I'll give you a minute to drink in the beauty of these bracelets. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Picked your jaw up? Wiped the drool off your chin? Ok then! This gorgeous pink butterfly cuff bracelet was created by the ridiculously talented Joey of Joey's Dream Garden. Joey is currently my personal hero. I bought the pink bracelet ages ago and loved it SO much that I immediately asked Joey to custom make me a purple and black one in a similar design.

This is the phenomenal beauty I was greeted with this morning! Oh how I wish pictures could possibly do these bracelets justice. They have so much detail, embellishments and the craftsmanship is outstanding. The purple one is actually lined with beautiful purple velvet but it simply will NOT let me photograph it.. lol. Every inch is covered in lovely stitching, beads, sequins, rhinestones, buttons.. there's SO much to look at!

Oh and I have mentioned they're also incredibly comfy to wear?? They secure with a loop of ribbon around one of the buttons which are placed in intervals to guarantee the perfect fit. The butterfly wings are stiffened with plastic sewn inside so they stand up beautifully. The undersides of the wings are embellished too!

Joey, thank you SO much! You really outdid yourself and I am so very, very happy with both of the bracelets. *SMOOCH*

Go show Joey some love, it's REALLY well-deserved!

Have a great day :)



Joey's Dream Garden said...

WOWEE KEIARA!!! You have made me a very happy lady!! I'm actually off sick today & feeling really under the weather, so I'm so glad that I switched the computer on! It's really great to see the two bracelets side by side actually, something I couldn't do! They are quite different in some ways, aren't they? I'm SO glad that you like the new one too, and now I know what you look like I know that it's just your style! :D I love your coloured hair, fantastic! Thank you so much for featuring me here and making my day!
Joey xxx

Keiara Wells said...

You're very welcome, honey! It's VERY well-deserved ;) They're both gorgeous and I just wore the pink one out to lunch yesterday!! I show it off to everyone I meet.. now I have TWO to show off :D Feel better soon, lovely :) xox

trinket box said...

OH MIII GOD, I love them!! *Rushes to her shop* x

Keiara Wells said...

aren't they beautiful?! she's the best! xox

FeltersJourney said...

They are gorgeous!

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