Tuesday, 29 September 2009

new dreads.. and some necklaces ;)

I had new dreads installed yesterday, YAY!! This is Sweet Dreams mixed with Lavender and I LOVE them! I was not too sure about the colours at first. I'm not a huge pastel girl (prefer brights) but I had some inspiration..

Yes, that's right.. I decided to install these dreads specifically to match my cupcake button jewellery by Collette at Noodlefish. Call me crazy, but could YOU pass up the opportunity?! I'm really in love with the new dreads though so it all turned out wonderful in the end :)

I bleached my hair out first then coloured all but the roots a nice, baby pink. I REALLY like the effect of the apricot roots with the pink hair and multi-coloured pastel dreads. SO cute! You can almost see the necklace in the pictures too. I'm wearing the cupcake button necklace and a pendant by Mel of Poor Robin too. This is the way I usually wear these two necklaces. I hide the cord of the pendant under the button necklace. I love it :)

Speaking of necklaces, these are some necklaces I made for the Avalon Faery Ball which is this Saturday, October 3. I was invited to exhibit some of my work by the lovely Leigh of Magick Minx. I will be attending the event as well so if you're there, do grab me and say hello if you see me about!

I have a full day of beadmaking ahead of me so I'm gonna get to it. I have TONS of new ideas I'm dying to try!

Hope you all have a great day :)



Vicki said...

CUTE!!! love the colours of your dreads!!! funky xxx

hotforest said...

yes definitely funky......and those necklaces are gorgeous too!

Shelley said...

I prefer brights too(shocker), but you look great in the pastels!! Oh, PLEASE! The necklaces you made are SO yummy!!

Keiara Wells said...

thanks everyone!! :) Shelley, I'll send you a pic of your necklace tomorrow!! :D xox

icandy... said...

uber cool!!!!! love the dreads, girl!

theothermousie said...

Love the dreads - amazing! Those necklaces are absolutely stunning - I've never seen anything like them - beautiful xxx

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls :) aww, thanks Sarah! ribbon necklaces are my favourite kind :) xox

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