Friday, 15 October 2010

LOADS of new beads for sale!

Hi everyone!

Soooooooo.. I tried to blog the other day. I was having an "admin day" (oh joy) and I figured I would update my blog as well but Blogspot said, "Oh. You want to accomplish something today? Well have I got news for you! DENIED!" I then ranted and raved and maybe got tears in my eyes just a little.. and finally I told it if it wanted to act that way then FINE I didn't really want to update my blog anyway! SO THERE! Welcome to my life. It's more fun than a box of tarantulas. *high fives Payton*

And back to the point. I have beads and jewellery for sale! YAY! The above necklace, Pastel Rainbow Spiral Necklace, can be found in my Ready to Go Jewellery section in my by keiara webshop (and that's all the links I could fit in one sentence). But wait! There's more!

These super adorable Candy Kooky Owl Earrings are also in my webshop. Candy is one of my favourite owls to make. I love the pink with the sky blue SO much. Actually, I love it so much that I also have a cat, cupcakes and coffee cups in the same colours. It reminds me of cotton candy (or candy floss for you British-types) and although I HATE cotton candy (what?? it's gross!) I lovelovelove the look of the stuff :) It always *seems* like a good idea.. then I put it in my mouth and grimace and, hey now, what are we talking about???!!! Moving on!

I've recently been trying my hand at more foodie-type beads again. I tried them aaaaaaages ago but it was in the very beginning and, well, they sucked. But now they're pretty cute, right?? Right?! *threaten.. bribe.. whine.. beg* Yes, I knew you liked them ;) These pretty cups of coffee are in my webshop as well and I'm loving them so much I almost don't want to part with them. Which leads me to this: I have a trick I play on myself. Whenever I'm making beads that I think are stupidly cute, I make them in colours that I don't particularly love (okok, any colour but purple will do it) so I can force myself to part with them. Cause, hey, I've got willpower and all but if these little suckers were in purple or, better yet, black with purple polka dots? Yeah, they'd be mine. No chance. And a girl's gotta pay bills so... here you go!

Here are some of my recent foodie bead efforts. I made cups of coffee, tea, chai, eggnog, a glass mug of beer (I LOVE this one!), fried eggs, pancakes, a slice of cake, coffee beans, ice cream cones and a donut. They look so cute all arranged together, don't they? OH! The black mug in the picture is a bead replica of the boy's favourite coffee mug. Heehee! He loves it :) Some of these yummies are in my by keiara Etsy shop, some are in my by keiara ArtFire shop and some are in my by keiara webshop. You'll just have to check them ALL out!
These darling sets are some of my new kooky lentil range. I have a few of these in my Etsy and the Rudolph ones are in my webshop. I REALLY love making these.. I made 11 sets over a two day period!

I call this set Big Breakfast because, well, it's a huuuuuuge set by my standards! I rarely enjoy making sets so I tend to, you know, not make them.. heh. However! I'm loving these food beads so much that I find myself making pairs of coffee beans or fried eggs while I'm thinking of other things to make. Happily, this creates a nice big set of beads just like a grown-up lampworker! Ha. This set, featuring pancakes, fried eggs and coffee beans is in my ArtFire shop. Be sure to check it out!

Ok, guys. I'll stop the rambling for now. I'm still working my tail off for the Big Bead Show but I thought I'd better give you some new pretties to look at ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, 7 October 2010

food and holiday-themed beads!

Hi everyone!

I'm still preparing for the Big Bead Show (OMG - it's almost here!!!!) and I thought the Cupcake Queen (as I've been dubbed by the community) should probably have, you know, CUPCAKES for sale! I made a few up yesterday in various styles and sizes. I just love cupcakes! (Speaking of which: I may have bought a cupcake salt and pepper set and a cupcake tote bag the other day. The boy wanted to know why I needed the salt and pepper shakers since I already have some gorgeous purple Fiestaware ones. I shook my head sadly and told him that he would never understand. It's all about THEMES, people!! When I have a tea party and use all my cupcake things, how awesome will it be to have salt and pepper shakers, too?!? Of course now I have to find an excuse to cook food that requires salt and pepper for a tea party.. hmm..!)

And why stop at cupcakes? I've tried my hand at pancakes and eggs before but I hadn't quite had the nerve to try a coffee cup. HA! It's a teeny bit wonky, but I am VERY pleased with my first attempt! I see more of these in the near future.. maybe with some bacon and a glass of juice!

Earring pairs tend to be very popular at the show so I've been making lots of them. Here are some micro owls, bats, zombie bears, snowgirls and Rudolphs. They're super mini and SOOOO much fun to make! You just can't help but giggle when you look at them :)

Here is a pair of the micro owls in my hand to show off their exceedingly teeny statures! They're only about 10-11mm tall! Teehee :)

In other news: I've opened an ArtFire shop! If you haven't visited it yet, please go have a look :)

As always there are plenty of beads in my by keiara Etsy shop and also in my by keiara webshop just waiting to come home with you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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