Sunday, 25 January 2009

new blog!

Pauly Piranha

Hi everyone! I've created this new blog as my old one was just not working for me. Hopefully this will be a great new home for my blog and I'll write a lot more. I'm in the process of designing a whole new website (!!!) which I'll hopefully have all ready in the next month or so.

In glassy news I am making lots of new fishies! What do you think? I'm having a great time making them and everyone seems to really like them too.
I also have to mention a couple of lovely ladies today.

A BIG thank you to Carolyn Grant of CeeGee Jewellery for her wonderful mention of Pauly Piranha in her blog. Carolyn also created a new fabulously gorgeous bangle with one of my beads so please go check out her blog and site. Thanks, Carolyn, you're a sweetheart!

Also a big hug and thank you to Sam Halliwell of Aurorabeadz. Sam is a fellow lampworker and friend and we had a lovely get together last week. Sam also mentioned our meet-up on her blog. You're welcome to come over for a tea party and lampworking anytime, Sam!

And I can't forget the oh-so-sweet Kate Sullivan of Sublime Beads. Kate sent me a wonderful package with an AMAZING glass goddess bead and some pretty, pink frit along with a lovely card. You really made my day, Kate, thank you so much.

All in all I had a really wonderful week studded with lovely thoughts, comments and gifts from several fantastic ladies that I'm proud to call friends. Thank you, girls, you rock!

Ok I'm off to work on the new website some more. Wish me luck and have a nice Sunday!



Saffie said...

Hello thank you so much for the mention. I will be in touch about antother get together very soon if that is ok ;-)

Saffie said...

Hi Keiara I have just nominated you for an inspiration award. Details on my blog

Karen said...

I love your fish , I had my first attempt at a fish today

Keiara Wells said...

Saffie, get in touch soon!! You're a sweetheart. :)

Thanks, Karen. How did the fish go? I'm having a lot of fun making these not-so-little guys :)


CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

Thanks so much for the mention Keiara - looking forward to reading the new blog! xx

ChatElaine said...

Hi Keiara lovely new blog, your fish are terrific, you talented so and so. Take a look on my blog to see a couple of my first attempts they arent anything like yours, thats for sure. Cant wait to see your new webbie, they take forever to build! Good Luck!

Delightfully Delirious said...

I love that naughty piranha!

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