Monday, 26 January 2009

new shop too!

After months of only selling through my website I've decided to give Etsy a try. I'm hoping this will also make ordering easier for my American customers as they can see all the info laid out in the listing. I only have a few things listed so far.. including a couple of fish! Go take a look and let me know what you think :)

Tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's already been 3 years. I have a lot of other exciting things coming up as well. In March my little sister, Leah, is coming over to visit for a few weeks and then I fly back with her to Florida to visit my family. I haven't been home in over 1 1/2 years so I reallllllllllly need to go back! I miss my mommy.. lol :( I'm really looking forward to the visit as my daughter, Kaia, will also be there so all three girls will be under Mom's roof again. I'm not sure if she's excited or not.... haha. No, she is, she is.. I swear. Also coming up in April is the Flame Off, a huge glass festival. I can't wait to meet up with all my glassy girls :) My New Year's resolution is to really work hard on getting my art out there so I'm also making a new website and have decided I WILL do at least one craft fair this year. I'm seriously nervous about that though. Any advice from other crafy ladies is surely appreciated.

Ok, I'm off for now. I hope you have a wonderful day!




Karen said...

oh I love Princess Penelope she is great , congratulations on your 3rd wedding anniversary, hope you have a fab day

Keiara Wells said...

Thanks hon! :) xox

Saffie said...

Hey Keiara, I have started typing several replies to you all day but they all seemed trite. I am so touched by your asking if you can nominate me back for the Kreativ award as I inspire you. You are awesome! and made my day! Thank you :-)

ChatElaine said...

Ooohh! Lovely things happening for you, congrats on your anniversary. Golly I had my 23rd last October woooow that sounds so long ago, heres hoping you have a fantastic day!! My fish have along way to go to get anywhere near your terrific, fab and funny fish!! Off to check your Etsy store!! Good luck with everything and craft fairs dont get me started on that one, they are no where to be seen round here!!!!

Saffie said...

happy anniversary honey. i hope you have a lovely day!!! it's my 3rd anniversary this year as well!!!traditional 3rd anniversary gifts are leather. modren is crystal or glass and 3rd anniversary flower is fushia. just some ickle factoids for ya!!! have a great day. see you soon
Sam x

Keiara Wells said...

Well it's true, Sam! Yes, we get each other traditional gifts too! I gave him a nice leather belt and he gave me a leather journal and photo album :)

Glad you like the fishies, Elaine :) More to come! xox

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