Thursday, 5 March 2009

keiara's keepers: Wychbury Doll and Ball of Yarn

Here are my artist picks for the week! The above fantastically gorgeous little purses are made by my friend Debbie of Wychbury Doll. Debbie says I'm her number one fan and I'm PROUD of that fact! Her textile work is fantastic and her dolls are beyond amazing. I have several :D Do yourself a favour and check out her website to see more pictures of her incredible cloth dolls. The rock troll in the upper left is MINE! I also have three seated faeries (including Midnight and Aurora). And my collection is about to grow very soon...! I love this chick ;)

And this incredible hooded scarf is a custom Enchantment scarf made especially for me by the lovely Karen of Ball of Yarn. I fell in love with this scarf instantly but it was in a colour other than purple or black (and we know how keiara feels about that!) so I asked Karen if it could be done. Not only did she whip up this bit of gorgeousness for me straight away (in Gothic Purple.. ohyeah, they must've made the colour just for me!) but she also said she liked the colour so much that she had to make one for herself as well. Happy to help, Karen! ;) It's actually serendipitous that I happened upon her hooded scarf as I was wrapping a standard scarf around my head just days earlier, trying to figure out a fashionable-looking way to keep my ears warm. Well, fashionable-looking for me anyway! I was glancing through treasuries on Etsy, as I do, and I saw it. How much better does it get than a hooded scarf?! I'm a happy girl. Thanks for everything, Karen, you're the best!

Stay tuned next week for new tree beads (plus a new tree bead design.. woohoo!), cupcakes and 'Simply Spangled' beads as well as bunnies, 'Simply Starry' beads and some new focals. Plus Leah will be here on Wednesday.. OMG YAY! I'm gonna hug her so hard her eyes are gonna pop out!

Hope you're all having a great week!



Karen said...

ooo I like the look of that scarf

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Fab scarf!! I likes it!

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

I need one of those scarves! Always get earache when it's cold and windy but that looks like it woould keep me lovely and snug!

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