Wednesday, 4 August 2010

busy week.. and it's only Wednesday!

Hi everyone!

How is your week going? I've been super busy (I seem to be saying that a lot lately) this week making lots of glassy goodies. Above are some of the beads I made so far this week. I really enjoyed making all the kitties and cupcakes and, of course, the lil bits! Those of you who know me (or read this blog at all!) know that I'm crazy about two things: cupcakes (MMM!) and tiny beads. I'm always pushing myself to create micro versions of my designs cause, in my mind, if it's cute in the first place it'll be even cuter if it's micro-sized! (Yes, I'm also obsessed with dollhouses for that same reason. Someday I will own a huge, gorgeous dollhouse [one word or two on 'dollhouse' - I couldn't find a definitive answer on that one] with tiny furniture and tinier plates of food and such. Yes, yes I will!)

Anyway! So I started out with the classic cat designs then moved to the kooky kritters designs (smaller than the classics) then on to my newest collection, the lil bits and then, on Monday, I created the micro lil bit pair in the above picture. Those VERY little guys are a mere 12mm tall! They are sooooo teeny. Teeny makes me happy! So I giggled the whole time I was making them and maybe Kaia shot me a few, 'Well she's totally lost it!' looks (not that unusual). The best news? The lil bits have been really well-received and, in fact, I sold the ENTIRE hamster collection already! Note to self: make more hammies!

I've also had quite a few people requesting jewellery lately. I'm always happy to turn any of my beads into jewellery, just let me know what you'd like! Above are some of my kooky kittens and two lil bit kittens all wired up with Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. These make such fun pendants!

And here is my Ode to Hammies picture. I'm totally in love with the hammies right now and I'm actually a little sad that they're all gone now. Good thing I can just make more! There is ONE lonely little zombie hamster left in my by keiara Etsy shop. I also have a few other lil bits, owls, cats and other beadies. Have a look!

Don't forget to check out my by keiara webshop too as there are plenty of beads in the Ready To Go Beads section that aren't in my Etsy shop!

Plans for the rest of the week? I have a new student tomorrow (YAY!) and the lovely and incredibly talented Jaye is coming down for a visit on Friday! I can't wait! Jaye is a sweet girl (and OMG you should see her play piano!!!) and I always really enjoy our visits. I wish I could see her more often! Since I'll be having company (and need not much of an excuse) I'm planning a lovely tea party for Friday. I haven't yet decided what kind of cupcakes to make.. so I might make more than one kind! And should I make regular-sized cuppycakes or minis?? You know I'm leaning towards minis. They're so cute! I even have a mini cupcake tiered display! Yes, I know, I need help. Help in the form of cupcakes! Okokok. I'll stop now. Maybe I should make some brownies too? Hmmm....

Anyway! I'm off to melt some glass and make some more hammies! Any requests? Feel free to leave me a note here or send me an email to :)

Have a wonderful week!



Vic said...

Hens!! ;)

Jane said...

Wow Keira, just found your blog, what beautiful critters they are!I LOVE the rainbow kitty! I think that as you are in mini mode that the cup cakes for your tea party should be mini sized.
Have fun! Jane x

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Vic, I'll be making you some hens soon, I promise!! <3

Jane, thank you so much! Mini cupcakes it is! ;) xox

Pretty Things said...

I absolutely LOVE dollhouses. I have a huge one waiting for room in the house (it really needs its own room so I can get around the entire thing, and put it on a big enough table to landscape it) but for now it's in storage. Sigh.

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Ooooh, pictures, pictures! I really want a dollhouse SO bad but I definitely don't have room for one at the moment. Someday I'll have one but for now I have to drool over pictures ;) xox

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