Friday, 30 July 2010

new cuteness: lil bits!!!!

Hi everyone!

This week I've been sick: booooo :( BUT! Apparently the sickness went straight to my brain and corrupted my creativity center because I've been making so many beads I can barely clean them and photograph them all! I'm in bead overdrive here. Yesterday I made 21 beads. This may not sound like a lot to you glassies who make sets but I primarily make focals. Twenty-one focals in one session is MASSIVE for me (even if they are little focals!). I could barely see straight by the end of it!

Anyway! I am frequently asked if I make smaller versions of my kooky kritters and I've done a few custom beads but then I thought, 'Hey! Why not do a whole range?!' Thus the 'lil bits' were born :) Above is the beginning of this new collection which includes (so far) kittens, hamsters and aliens. I have plans for other kritters, though, and I'm always open to suggestions.. so watch this space and/or email me with your demands ;)

I have a few of the lil bits up for sale in my by keiara Etsy shop including the zombie hamster!

For reference, here is a picture of a lil bit kitten next to a kooky kitten with a classic cat on the end. They range is size from 16mm to 32mm. These are the standard sizes for the collections but I'm always happy to make any bead smaller/larger per your requests.

Oh yeah, and I made a grown up bead, too (which you can find in my by keiara webshop) I do that sometimes! Especially when I sit down to specifically make Halloween beads... *raises eyebrow* Cause, you know, those lillies are blood thirsty and that lavender!! *shiver* It's simply too scary to discuss! Or something. Or maybe it's just a pretty bead. Sometimes *I* don't even understand me, don't worry ;)

Weekend plans? Seeing as how I've completely lost my voice (no applause, please) I think I'm gonna be lazy and maybe watch some movies. Nothing is better than cuddling up with Kaia and watching something really scary that she completely brushes off but has me laying awake at night cursing the fact that I watched it in the first place. Not that it's ever happened, mind you. I was totally NOT scared by The Fourth Kind at all. No sir. Not me! (OMFG that woman's face when she's on the video...*SHUDDER*) Ahem.

Well I'm off to not talk to anyone.. that sounds so mean! But you know what I'm saying.. or typing.. since I can't say anything at all.. *sob* Heehee ;) Have a wonderful weekend!



Tricia said...

SO friggin' cute!! Love them!

Marjorie said...

Squirrel! =)

Pretty Things said...

I just love the kitties. You have a real talent!

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