Monday, 5 July 2010

the sky(leigh)'s the limit!

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday :) Yesterday was 4th of July and I realllllllllllllly missed being in America. I love all the red, white and blue decorations and food and stuff! And, OMG, BBQ!!! Apparently my brother-in-law, Eric, made 6 full racks of ribs. /cry I WANT RIBS! Okokok. I'm finished. Maybe. For now.

So! In honour of our independence (cause that has LOTS to do with glass animal beads!!), I've listed all my animal beads that are currently in my Etsy shop on sale!! They will be 10% off for.. I don't know.. until I feel like changing them back ;) The beautiful kitty pictured above, Skyleigh, is included in the sale! Head over to my by keiara Etsy shop to see what's going on! Owls, kitties, bears (zombie bears!), hamsters!! Lots of goodies to choose from :)

In closing: Happy Independence Day, America! I celebrate with glass animals! For reasons unknown! Heehee.

Have a wonderful week, everyone :)


P.S.- I went to the shop to pick up some Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. If you have not had this yet, GO TO THE SHOP RIGHT NOW! If you HAVE had this, you may now join me in an, "Mmm, Phish Food" moan. Anyway, went to shop and guess what? No Phish Food! So I got Caramel Chew Chew instead. I'm a big fan of caramel. I am NOT a big fan of this ice cream. Now I have no Phish Food AND ice cream I don't even like and how the HECK can you make bad ice cream? /sigh


Karen said...

after Phish Food Chunky Monkey is my fav B&J ice cream lol, sorry you couldn't be in the States yesterday

Goth Honey said...

Miss K! Caramel CC is my favourite!

WillOaks Studio said...

I'm into certain ice creams, too. Currently trying different brands of butter pecan (mmmm!) AND so far, 2 are wonderful--same brand but one is full fat and one is half...AND two really suck. I'm not one to throw away ice cream...but in this case.....

Pretty Things said...

SQUEEE! Love the kitty!

Marjorie said...

ROFL! LURV Phish Food (and Chunky Monkey, and Cookie Dough... yep the Drooling starts...)

Have a Gorgeous week Sweetness! ♥ Mx

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Karen: I don't think I've tried Chunky Monkey! I'll have to hunt some down!!!

Laura: You're kidding!!! You know me, if it's sweet, I'll eat it.. but I can't STAND the stuff! You're more than welcome to come over and eat it all!! ;)

M: They were out of Cookie Dough, too.. although I haven't tried the B&J one. They had a limited edition ice cream a couple of years ago called.. hmm, now I don't remember.. maybe Death by Chocolate? Anyway, TO DIE FOR!!!

thanks so much, girls <3

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