Tuesday, 27 July 2010

new spookiness and a REAL skull!!!

Hi everyone!

After finishing my orders yesterday I finally got around to making some Halloween beads! YAY! Halloween is my all-time favourite holiday and, although it's not celebrated as much here in the UK, I decorate my place and dress up and bake lots of Halloween treats and enjoy the heck out of the day :) Now that I'm in my new flat I doubt I'll get any trick-or-treaters which makes me sad. I absolutely LOVE the kids coming to the door and getting to see all of their adorable (or spooky!) costumes. Maybe I can get a folding chair and sit out on the sidewalk instead!!

Anyway :) So I made some new Halloween beads. Above is an old favourite, Linus, who is perfect for Halloween. He's striking in black and lime green :)

And this is Vera, a cousin of Eddie. Vera is so sweet and scary all at once! She looks rather unimpressed by the little skull though!

Finally, meet Mummy! I am so pleased with how he turned out. I was really trying for a more realistic texture on the 'bandages' and I think it worked out perfectly! I will definitely be making more of these little mummy kitties :)

Don't forget to check out my Halloween Beads in my by keiara webshop, too! I have plenty of sweet n scary stuff over there ;)

But, forget mummies for now, check THIS out! This is my insanely gorgeous new hummingbird skull necklace! The skull is cast in solid Sterling silver and it is so dainty and beautiful. A certain lovely boy (thank you, Stefan!!!) surprised me with this today! I've been eyeing this and other fantastic creations by Blue Bayer Designs on Etsy for aaaaaages. I have so many 'favourites' in that shop! There is the tiny bat skull, the raven skull, the hummingbird skull with wings! I want them all! I hope you'll take a peek :)

Well I'm off to create more spookiness (and swoon over my hummingbird skull). Have a wonderful day!



one-eared pig said...

Gorgeous beads! and love the skull!

Carolien said...

Oh Keiara, the mummy is so funny! But that skull, OMG, it's so beautiful!! Drool!
I fell in love with the 14K gold one... guess I won't get it, but a girl can have her dreams ;)

Blue Bayer Design NYC said...

Keiara! Those beads are so cute I want to bite them. It's really tight work. Thanks for posting my hummingbird skull ( secret leak ) I am releasing a 14k gold plated silver hummingbird skull next week.
Carolien can have her dream....

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thank you, everyone!! Carolien, dream big!! ;)

I loooooooove my skull so much!! :) xox

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