Friday, 23 July 2010

new kittens and trees!

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday :) I've had a super busy and ridiculously awesome week! I had three students this week, all of them totally amazing, and it really hit me just how lucky I am to do something I love so much for a living. Yes, I work my tail off, but I enjoy every minute of it (okokok, maybe not every SINGLE minute.. I don't particularly like all the admin work!) and I'm supporting myself with my art. How cool is that?!

Anyway! I had a meeting with my favourite creative director (read: my daughter) this week. I asked her for some ideas for new kittens and she (bless her amazingly artistic soul) not only came up with a bunch of ideas, but also drew me little sketches of each idea!! I wish I had a scanner. Ohmygoodness. She's so adorable it kills me! One of her ideas was to do a Frankenstein kitten and the above photo is the result. This is Frankie and he's one of my new 'spooky kittens' :) Whatcha think? He makes me giggle!! ;) I've put him in my by keiara webshop under the Ready To Go Beads section! He's ready to come home and scare the.. oh, uhh, I mean.. he's ready to come home and love you to pieces! Yeah, that's it ;)

Another of Kaia's great ideas: Chocolate Kitten! She's made with dark chocolate glass, a creamy, white chocolate swirl tail, honey eyes and she has a big bite out of her left side! She's adorned with a tiny red bow on the back :) Chocolate is also available in my by keiara webshop.

Along with the kooky kittens, I've added a few new trees like this one, Pale Amethyst Shine Crystal Tree. I'm ridiculous with my names, I know, I know. But, pretty, no? I like how the silver glass has fumed the lavender glass in places.

I'm off to melt more glass. I have a massive stack of orders to get through! Thanks everyone for your continued support and all your wonderful emails :) You guys are the best!

Have a wonderful weekend.



Marjorie said...

Very Pretty Sweetness! Happy Kaia Helped you and you made her Ideas into the Cutest Beads! =) Have a Gorgilicious weekend SweetHeart! =D) *Love and Hugs* Mx

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thanks, honey!! hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!!! lots of love xox

Pretty Things said...

I love the kitties. I miss my own. :-(

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