Wednesday, 18 February 2009

it's me.. in the newspaper!

I'm in today's edition of YourShepway newspaper! There's a little write-up about me and what I do. I have a half page article coming up in the next few weeks too! WOOHOO! How exciting :) Nothing could wipe the smile off my face today!

I've also added lots of new beads and jewellery to my Etsy shop. The pet portrait beads have been really popular and I'm up to my eyeballs in adorable cats and dogs. It's pushing me to create new techniques and new striped canes to try and capture coat patterns. I'm enjoying the challenge :)

I'm now in cupcake and St. Patrick's Day mode and last night combined the two and made green and white cupcakes topped with 4 leaf clovers! I'll post a picture when I get them all cleaned up. The cupcakes came out super cute :) I love holiday-themed stuff! I also have to plan what I'm going to make my sister, Leah, for her birthday. She'll be 22 on March 12 and she'll be here with me! Yay! Gonna have to think hard on what to make for her. Last year I made her a pendant with a double dip ice cream cone that matches one of her tattoos :) I also made her a gorgeous bracelet with chocolates, cakes and cookies.. that she promptly broke! Of course this was also before I started making my own beads so they were commissioned beads. How am I going to outdo last year?! I'm taking suggestions.. ;)

Ok, I'm off to make more cupcakes and St. Patrick's Day beads. Hope you're all having a good day too!



ChatElaine said...

Oh wow its such a fab feeling when you are in any publication. Well done you!!!

Delightfully Delirious said...

This is excellent, you should be so proud - I hope Steve spoiled you rotten!! :D

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls :) yes, he's very proud! xox

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