Sunday, 8 February 2009

my first treasury!!

Victoria Valentine, one of my hollow lampwork fish, was put into an Etsy treasury! I'm so super thrilled :)

Big thanks to Jo for letting me know!



Delightfully Delirious said...

And yours was the nicest there! :D

Saffie said...

yay congrats hun xxx

Keiara Wells said...

Thanks girls! I was in my SECOND treasury already too!!! I'm so happy :) xox

ChatElaine said...

Well done, I have a blog that might interest you. It lists all the treasuries and captures the details before they disappear, thought it might interest you!!

Keiara Wells said...

ooh thanks Elaine, I'll check that out! I've now been in my third treasury as well!!! xox

ChatElaine said...

You devil you!!! Whenever I look at them I'm too late and they have gone. I've had a little look at the blog but I just havent had time this week - half term of course. I need to get more organised now I'm more or less up to date with things in general!!

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