Friday, 13 February 2009


Orchids are my favourite flower. I even have an orchid tattoo on the back of my neck! My mother-in-law bought me a beautiful mini orchid for my wedding anniversary and I was admiring it yesterday which made me wonder if I could make an orchid bead. I brought the little beauty up to my studio and studied it for awhile before creating this bead. The blooms aren't absolutely perfect but I think it came out rather nice. I made two yesterday and I'll definitely be making more!

Is everyone ready for Valentine's Day? I have to run to the shops today to get some candy for our Valentine's Day boxes. In my family everyone has their very own Valentine's Day box. When we were kids my mother handmade beautiful boxes to house our candy. Mine is heart-shaped and covered in beautiful, iridescent lavender fabric with a huge purple organza bow. It's gorgeous!! Anyway, I decided to keep up this tradition and I bought (I know, I know.. it's not handmade, sorry!) Steve a shiny black box with small red hearts on it. It's manly enough! Each year we fill each other's boxes with candy and small gifts. Normally I would already have all the bits to go into them but I've been working so hard on beads this week that I put it off til the last minute. So off to the shops for me today!

In other Valentine's-y news my mother sent me a beautiful package containing the new Hallmark singing stuffed animals. It's a plush heart topped with two 'lovebugs' that sing and dance when you press the button. Mom sends me one for every holiday and they're just way too cute! She also sent some looooooovely chocolates in a beautiful box and a pretty card. My little sister, Leah, even got into the spirit this year and sent us Transformers Valentines.. lol!! I love that girl, I swear :) She'll be here on March 11 and I can't wait! Leah's staying for 3 weeks and then I fly back with her to Florida for 2 weeks. It will be so nice to see my family! I haven't seen them in ages and I miss them all so much. I'll get to meet Emi's new little one, Ethan, too! I'm so excited!!

Well I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day and I hope everyone has a sweet day filled with lots of love and hugs. Don't forget Valentine's Day is about spreading the love so tell everyone how much they mean to you :) It's the perfect excuse to be a little sappy.

Have a great weekend!



Saffie said...

Happy valentines hun. Wishing you a beautiful day and that orchid bead is beautiful, you are a clever thing!!!Will text you over weekend!
Sam xx

Karen said...

Lovely bead Keiara

Julie Haveland Beer said...

Your orchid bead is beautiful, and I love the idea of a Valentine's candy box for everyone in the family!! I didn't grow up with Valentine's day, it's a rather new idea in Norway, but my husband and myself normally write little wacky poems to each other - sometimes rude, sometimes romantic, but always funny :-) Happy Valentines to you, too, Keiara!!

ChatElaine said...

I'm late (as usual) but Happy Valentine's Day to you. Hope you had a lovely day. Lovely bead I think orchids are quite difficult to do. You have done a lovely job me dear!!

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls :) happy belated Valentine's Day! xox

Noodlefish Crafts said...

What a beautiful bead! :)

Keiara Wells said...

thank you! it was chosen for a treasury on Etsy and sold right away!! I was so thrilled :) xox

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