Friday, 20 February 2009

yes, the Queen is back!

The Queen of Cupcakes, that is ;) The name was given to me by other lampwork artists and it makes me smile every time someone says it. I've had LOTS of requests for a return to my cuppycake roots so here are some new yummies to feast on. I even made some festive St. Patrick's Day cupcakes! How cute are those?! :) A lot of these will be going into my Etsy shop so go on and indulge your sweet tooth.

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, I also made this adorable little fellow. Fittingly enough, his name is Lucky Bear :) I might have to keep him for myself!

Anyone else doing something fun for St. Patrick's Day? I have tons of decorations to put up and I'm contemplating doing a traditional corned beef (not the canned stuff.. the REAL stuff) dinner. I have a family recipe for some gorrrrrrrgeous Irish Soda Bread too. I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to make it but I'll think about it.. whilst licking my lips ;) Since Leah will be visiting I'll probably also have some green beer. Mmm, green beer. Heehee.

Tomorrow I'm off for a glassy girl get together! This should be tons of fun. I'm driving up (well, riding up!) with Sam which will be fun in and of itself. We're going to Jo's studio for the day and lots of other artists will be there too. Naturally I'm bringing cupcakes; both the glassy kind and the edible kind! They don't call me the Cupcake Queen for nothing ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll see some of you tomorrow!! :D



Saffie said...

Yay the cuppy cake queen is in the house!!! They are adorable as usual and lovin the St. patrick day theme! I got one of your cup cakes on my Troll bracelet and love it!!!
See you nice and early hun ;-)
Sam xx

ChatElaine said...

Cant wait to meet the Cuppy Cake Queen, see you tomorrow!!

Karen said...

your cupcakes are super
hope you have a great time at jo's

Noodlefish Crafts said...

I love your cupcakes!! :) x

Keiara Wells said...

thanks!! they're so much fun to make too :) xox

Delightfully Delirious said...

Bow down to the Cupcake Queen!!

Keiara Wells said...

heehee :) xox

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