Wednesday, 5 August 2009

because I promised ;)

Hair pics! Today marks the second week that my dreads have been in and I'm loving them so much! They've felted up nicely and they're so easy to wear it's crazy! I love wearing all my different dread beads too. It's SO much fun to wear beads in your hair :)

This is my 'bad side' but I wanted to show the braided bangs (fringe). This is how I wear my hair most of the time these past two weeks. You can also see my awsesome, custom made purple and black button necklace by the wonderful Collette of Noodlefish. The fab pink and purple ribbon pendant is by the equally wonderful Mel of Poor Robin. I love these girls and their jewellery SO much!!

Ok, I'm off for a day out with Jen, Ariana and Kaia. We're going to lunch at the Chinese buffet (MMM) and then I'm taking Kaia shopping for her birthday.

Have a great day!



Saffie said...

You look awesome hun xx I am loving the dreads a lot!!! Hope to catch up soon and say sorry to Kaia for not getting her and Imogen together next time def.


Claireabelle said...

I love those dreads!
Have a fun day out

teeth and snarlz said...

i do so love your hair! its looking stunning!


Noodlefish Crafts said...

Ooooo.....look at you!!! Lovin the new hair and colour huni-looks fantastic!! :D Goes very well with my button necklace as well :D Thanks for the mention babe xx

Keiara Wells said...

thank you!!! :) you're welcome, Coll.. you're awesome ;) xox

Goth Honey said...

I've got to say honey, these look amazing on you - you're stunning au natural, but I do love the crazy alternative you too! Beautiful girl, love you xxx

Keiara Wells said...

thanks sugar.. love you too! xox

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