Tuesday, 11 August 2009

keiara's keepers: Wychburydoll :)

This is my rock troll, Scoria, handmade by the fabulous Debbie of Wychburydoll. She also has a website: Free Spirit Creations. Debbie created Scoria for me quite awhile ago now but I thought she deserved to be shown off again. She is beyond amazing! Debbie even painted her nails, gave her jewellery and piercings.. and TATTOOS! Have I mentioned how much I love this woman?! Scoria sits on my mantle in the front room and every single person who sees her falls in love with her. Even my father-in-law adores her! It's hard not to love this fantastic doll :)

Debbie also makes jewellery. I already have a few pieces from her and wanted more so I got in touch with her. I asked if she could make a set of rainbow, felted bangles, some felted beads and a set of purple felted bracelets. Above is what she came up with. GORGEOUS! Each of the bracelets is beautifully embroidered. The set I already have is just as pretty (I should really take a picture!) and is also beaded with tiny purple heart beads! LOVELOVELOVE! Debbie doesn't just make dolls and jewellery though. She also creates fantastic bags, purses and other adorable things. I have all three of those items too ;) My bag is in black, purse is black with a purple sheep and, of course, I have the purple business card holder too! Everywhere I go people comment on how amazing my 'Debbie Delights' are and it makes me so happy to share her with all of you. I cannot say enough about this amazingly talented artist. Please go check out her Etsy shop and her website right this minute! You won't be disappointed ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful things you create, Debbie. I love them.. and you! :)

Show her some love, everyone!

Have a great day :)



FeltersJourney said...

Hi Keiara - thank you for this! And for always being such a pleasure!

You`re gonna give me a big head though saying all these lovely things :o)

Lots of love

Keiara Wells said...

you deserve it, sweetness! xox

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