Thursday, 6 August 2009

a cupcake a day..

Okok, a cupcake a day might not keep the doctor away.. but it keeps me happy! That's gotta count for something! Above is the Rock Diva Mega Cupcake.. but in purple (my favourite colour). I REALLY like the results ;) I do believe a set is in my near future.. *halo*
And here is my Eye Love Halloween Mega Cupcake Focal (don't you just LOVE my naming conventions?!) which proved ridiculously popular last year and is off to a good start this year as well! The eyeball staring out makes me giggle every time ;)

One of my lovely customers asked if I could turn my Rock Diva and Pumpkin Mega Cupcake Focals into pendants. Of course I can! I'm always happy to turn any of my beads into jewellery for you guys so please don't hestitate to ask ;) I'm on a real pumpkin kick and I see no end in sight just yet. I celebrate Thanksgiving too so the pumpkins are great for not just one but TWO holidays! Oh yay! heehee :)

Steve has off work tomorrow so our long weekend with Kaia begins tonight. YAY! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too :)



teeth and snarlz said...

so so so cute!!! your so talented!

im making some fimo halloween cupcakes tonight =] im thinking of having tentacles coming out of them seeing as my tentacle plants are so popular XD


Claireabelle said...

Wow! these are amazing!


Goth Honey said...

My beautiful K, these are fab as usual - I love your cupcakes so much! xxx

Keiara Wells said...

thank you :) xox

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Soooo sweet! Love them!

Keiara Wells said...

thank you hon!! :) xox

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