Friday, 14 August 2009

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I have some jewellery and a couple of keys I wanted to share. First up is a custom necklace I made for my friend Jen. The bead is my Painted Sky Tree Focal, the hammered ring is by George and the ribbon is by Diane. Jen chose the ribbon herself and I think it looks beautiful with the bead :)
This bracelet and earring set I made with my Simply Rossata bead set. I LOVE this glass and it looks so beautiful etched. I was planning on keeping this set for myself but I haven't decided yet ;)

I DID decide on this one though! This is my Spooky Skulls bracelet and it is mineminemine! I made the skulls in all different sizes for a real funky, chunky look. I'm nearly ready for Halloween now!

I also made some new keys :) I made 5 yesterday and 5 today.. the key kick continues! This is Unlock Blackberry Swirl. The bead is a pale pink base swirled with purple and then encased in purple. No, really, I don't like purple at all..! YUM :)

And this one is Unlock Mosaic Blossom. I really love this particular key. The bead is pale pink encased in pink with pastel frit decoration. I like the overall effect and might have to hide this key away ;)

Anyone doing fun stuff this weekend? We have friends coming over for dinner Sunday night and I'm really looking forward to that. I haven't decided what to bake for dessert yet. It's between brownies baked with chocolate chip cookie dough on top (yes, you read that right!) or banana cupcakes. Maybe I'll just do both! Banana cupcakes freeze well so I can always just throw the extras in the freezer :) And of course we'll be serving some homemade ice cream! I was so against the ice cream maker at first but OH was I wrong! We now have a freezer full of ice cream! Coffee, Bailey's, rhubarb, peach and strawberry are the current flavours. I am going to make some coconut this weekend hopefully!

Have a great weekend everyone :) I'll let you know how my baking experiments go ;)



Karen said...

lovely bead sets
where do you find the ice cream recipes ? I only found some with raw egg and DH is allergic to eggs
I so want coconut ice cream LOL

Claireabelle said...

Gorgeous beads, I love the skulls bracelet!

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls :) Karen, we get most of our recipes online for that very reason! We have the Ben & Jerry's book and another book with tons of recipes but the majority of them call for raw eggs. So far I've only done one recipe with raw eggs and it didn't turn out very nice anyway! Maybe I'll start posting ice cream recipes too? lol ;) xox

icandy... said...

Beautiful, Keiara!!! Those keys are so unique!

HollybirdBeads said...

I love the skull bracelet too, very unusual. The keys are lovely too - I really like the antiqued metal against the bright pinks of the beads.

FeltersJourney said...

ooh love the skulls

Keiara Wells said...

thanks everyone! :) I'm really enjoying making the key beads so it's nice that others enjoy looking at them ;) xox

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