Thursday, 27 August 2009

new dreads!

Hi guys! Thought I'd share better pictures of the new dreads :) Naomi came over last Friday and installed these new wool dreads and I LOVE them! The colour is called Fruit Coulis and it's bright pink, purple, light pink and peach all mixed together. Gotta love my silly expression too ;)

And here I am, all angelic-like (HAHAHAHA!), sitting on the stairs in front of my studio. I have a few of my dread beads in too :) What do you think of the new colours?

After a rather disappointing day, Steve and I went to see the new GI Joe film in Ashford. WOW! I've heard lots of negative buzz about this film but we both REALLY loved it. The action sequences were great, the special effects were awesome and the CGI was really well done. It has lots of imagination which is something usually quite lacking in action films. Plus it gives you snippets of some of the characters' histories. I wasn't hugely thrilled with some of the casting choices (except for Christopher Eccleston whom I've missed terribly since he left Doctor Who *cry*) Eccleston wasn't on screen nearly enough for my tastes! But anyway, the film was awesome and I definitely recommend it.

Off to make more beads for the show! What are you guys up to today?

Have a great day!



Michelle said...

I usually make Fruit Coulis and it does look good on you! ;)

Keiara Wells said...

haha.. thanks Michelle ;) xox

WillOaks Studio said...

Love your new hair!! It's really beautiful--now you need to make a few "matching" beads to wear in it so you're properly dressed when you do your October show? Hey, maybe you can start a new fashion trend: beads for dreads? Have a good week!

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