Monday, 17 August 2009

sweet shop expansion!

Happy Monday! On Friday I wanted to re-visit donuts as, hey, I love them and I hadn't tried my hand at making glassy ones for ages now. I made these 5 whilst giggling all the while! I feel a new craze coming on! These frosted, be-sprinkled yummies are currently in my Etsy shop. Do I say far too often that I'm going to have to make myself some beads? Cause, yeah, I gotta make myself some donuts!

And then because the donuts were going so well I decided to get really crazy! Cherry pie anyone?? I'm really pleased with how this bead turned out. This one is also in my Etsy shop and I shall be creating a pie series, I do believe! What do you think?

I had a lovely weekend. Saturday Steve and I went out for lunch and visited the Battle of Britain war memorial which was both fun and sobering. Seeing those names on the wall is heartbreaking but fills you with gratitude. The planes were really neat and the view is spectacular to boot! It is free to visit and I would highly recommend stopping by.

Sunday our friends, Lee and Sue, came over and we had a wonderful time. I baked some banana cupcakes and made some fresh cream cheese icing to top them off. MMM! Sue had a go on my torch and made two REALLY good beads! She even did a nice dotty bead for her second try! Afterwards we had a nice Indian followed by cupcakes and homemade ice cream :) I had banana and strawberry to go with my banana cupcake :D It was YUMMY! Have I convinced you to buy an ice cream machine yet?! Sue said she was going to move in just for the sweets! heehee :)

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Anything interesting?

Have a great week!



teeth and snarlz said...

these are wonderful! they look so tasty!!!
you talented thing you!

i would love to have a bracelet of those donuts! that would be dreamy! unfortunately poor students like me cannot afford such wonders.


Karen said...

cute donuts and that pie looks great

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls!! :) xox

eve said...

Oh these look fab, sounds like you had a great weekend, and your lovely dinner and pudding sounds very tasty, can i come for tea?

Keiara Wells said...

thanks eve! haha, you're welcome to come for dinner anytime! ;) xox

SteamPunkGlass said...

ooo, love the cherry pie bead! Getting an icecream machine might be fatal though, think of all the weird and wonderful ices you could make like Lavender icecream, Elderflower etc!

Keiara Wells said...

thanks Glenn :) I know what you mean.. hubby found a recipe for garlic ice cream! EEK! xox

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