Monday, 24 August 2009

every single time..

Every single time I'm going somewhere and bring my camera.. it stays in my bag the whole time. It's some kind of flaw in my character. If I had forgotten my camera, I guarantee you that I would have reached into my bag for it at some point yesterday. Ah well! Yesterday Steve drove Naomi and me up to Stourbridge for a bead fair! It was a looooooong drive but we had lots of fun chatting to other glass artists and buying lots of pretty beads too! I remembered the camera on the way home (actually Steve said I should take some pics of the pretty scenery.. which promptly disappeared behind some trees as soon as I retrieved the camera.. so you get car pics instead!) I wore my bunny necklace from Easter and received many compliments :) I handed out a few business cards too. And did I mention I had new dreads installed last week?! New colour: Fruit Coulis. Ooooh!

Steve drove for SEVEN hours yesterday to take us to and from the fair. He might have chugged several Red Bulls (Blue Bolts actually!) along the way. Poor man! He didn't complain one bit though. Isn't he sweet?

After going to the fair I'm feeling really excited about The Big Bead Show coming up in October. I'm going to be selling and I've been quite nervous about it as I haven't done any shows previously. After going to Stourbridge yesterday I feel much more relaxed and optimistic about the show :) Any of you planning on going to the show? You'll have to come and see me there!

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Anything interesting?

Off to make more beads for the show ;) Have a great week!



Sublime Beads by Kate said...

I'll be there ;0)

Lovely to see you yesterday. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me such a huge boost, I think I need to hire you as confidence booster and take you too all bead fairs. Can't wait to see you again at the Big Bead Fair where we can have a role reversal and I can chill out and do some shopping ;0) You'll be fabulous I'm sure. Kate xxxxxxxxxx

HollybirdBeads said...

I am always taking my camera on evenings out and then it sits in my handbag the whole time! Am hoping to make it to the Big Bead Show as a buyer this year so please to hear your lovely beads will be there for me to drool over :)

Keiara Wells said...

It was great seeing you too, Kate! Hey, confidence booster sounds good to me ;) You can pay me in beads!! lol :D Yay, can't wait to see you at the show!

Hope to see you both there! :) xox

teeth and snarlz said...

love, love, LOVE your hair here!!! im soooo jealous!

about the shoes; i can do a size 9, yes =] i'll just have to order them first, but they dont take long to come at all.
I have a red pair which are a size 9 at the moment which i was going to do the same kind of thing on? or did you just like the yellow?

ChatElaine said...

I was sorry I couldnt go but glad you had a good time and confidence booster for Kate! You will be totally great at the Big Bead Show. I do hope to get to that one :0))

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