Tuesday, 25 August 2009

mini ghost kitties, cupcakes & keys!

Hiya guys! I had a custom order for some mini ghost kitties earring pair. What do you think? I'm very pleased with how they turned out! It's soooo much harder to do the detail on these little guys but I think they look great :) I hope my lovely customer likes them!

I'm also building up my cupcake stock for The Big Bead Show. I mean, the Cupcake Queen can't very well go to the show without cupcakes! These are my Sweet Cupcakes and are the very first cupcake design I ever created :) Aren't they sweet? heehee. I'm hoping my sculptural work will go down well at the show. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

No torch session would be complete without a couple keys! This is Unlock Cosmic Stone key focal. It is SO hard to photograph the mother-of-pearl effect in this bead. There are hints of purple/aqua iridescence in the dots. It looks really interesting!

And this is Unlock Pretty Golden Swirl (yeah, I'm so creative with the names sometimes..) which features sparkling goldstone on soft pink. It's hard to tell but this is shaped into one of my organic gems and I like the overall effect. Feminine design meets organic shape is always interesting to me. It's nature vs. nurture represented in a bead; the unpredictability of nature surrounding the imposed female ideal displayed on an antique key. Of course the key itself has so many meanings: unlocking the dichotomy of what it means to be a woman in this time, requiring a key to open doors that were previously shut to us, unlocking our true potential and shrugging off objectification. Of course it's also a pretty bead too ;)

Do you find yourself incorporating or finding deeper meaning in your art and life? Do you have a cause especially close to your heart?

Just thought I'd share those thoughts!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.



theothermousie said...

Loving the ghost kitties - they are adorable. The cupcake beads are stunning - very intricate work - fingers crossed at the bead show - hope it goes well for you!

Take care

Sarah xx

Keiara Wells said...

thanks hon!! just sent my daughter two of your adorable kitties :) xox

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