Friday, 19 February 2010

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday :) I have a new tree series to announce! On Tuesday I had a lovely student and I created a tree focal for her demo (I demo a focal for students who come for a full day lesson: kitty, cupcake or tree) that I absolutely loved. I loved it so much that I decided to create an entire series :) These are the first four in the series called Crystal Trees. From left: Alexandrite, Peridot, Aquamarine and Pale Amethyst. I love how the transparent base lets the light through and adds a bit of sunshine to the overall look. They are elegant yet sparkling with colour!

I will be offering these trees for sale in my lampwork Etsy shop and also in my lampwork website shop.

Any weekend plans? I'm looking forward to going to breakfast at a place that my in-laws have been raving about and following that with Wolfman!! Ooooh yes! I can't wait to see it :) The trailer looks quite good and, although I'm not a huge fan of Benicio del Toro (ugh), he REALLY looks the part, doesn't he? I mean, I'm totally believing that he transforms into a werewolf and causes terror and mayhem. Just look at his face! It also stars one of my all-time favourite actors, Anthony Hopkins (does anyone NOT love that man?) and Emily Blunt who is apparently quite the actress (I've not seen her in anything yet). Have you seen it? What did you think?

I'm off to do some exciting custom work. Hopefully I'll have pictures of the finished pieces to show you on Monday! Have a great weekend :)



Mel P said...

Love these tree beads Lovely Lady, they are stunning. Have fun tomorrow and I am a closet Benicio fan, I know it is a shamefull secret ;) xxx said...

Keiara ... have a really good time ..
we might join you in your movie choice..
mona & the girls

ps love your new work...

SteamPunkGlass said...

Wow! They look stunning!!!!!

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thanks everyone!! Mel, *GASP*, you oughta be ashamed!! ;) Mona, I hope you all enjoy it too! Glenn, thank you so much.. I'm totally drooling over your work lately ;) xox

ChatElaine said...

They are stunning Keiara! Hope you enjoyed the movie! Was it good!!

Manuela said...

Wow, love them all - soooo sensitive ☺.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Amazing beads Keiara! Beautiful colours and I love all the tiny details.
I haven't seen Wolfman... hope you enjoy it! Hopefully I'm going to see Micmacs tomorrow, Jean Jeunet film, lovely & surreal I hope! :D
Joey xx

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