Friday, 5 February 2010

HUGE shop update!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday :) I've updated my shop and added new categories and LOTS of new beads! There are lots of new lampwork bunnies, spring and Easter beads plus St. Patrick's Day beads (which will be added to very soon!), more kitty cat beads to choose from and TONS of new Schnibbles beads sets! I have plenty of beads that are ready to go plus lots more made-to-order beads as well. You're all going to be spoiled for choice!

I've also added beads to my Etsy shop, if you prefer to shop there. Let me know if there's something in my lampwork bead shop that you'd like to purchase through Etsy and I can put a listing up just for you :)

So what are you guys up to this weekend? I have plans to.. uhh.. maybe.. *cough* take down my Christmas trees and decorations *cough*. What was that? Did you hear something?? As I was saying, yeah, I'm totally chilling this weekend. Just gonna lay about and do nothing.. *shifty eyes* Alright, so it's true! I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations (or trees) yet! And, really, the only reason they're finally coming down is because I have to put the Valentine's Day decorations up! But it's not my fault, I swear. It's.. Steve's fault! Yes, Steve. Steve is an evil hubby who prevents me from decorating! It's true! Ok, ok.. maybe it's not true. But, still, it's not my fault. Somehow. Maybe.

Ok, I'm off to make more spring beads. I seem to have caught Spring Fever and I'm loving it!

Have a wonderful weekend :)



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