Friday, 12 February 2010

more lovely lentils :)

Hi everyone! Happy Friday :) We're still waist-deep in snow (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration) here in Folkestone but that won't stop me from bringin' the Spring Fever! In the face of The Snowpocalpyse I have created more spring-inspired lentil sets including my new smaller-sized lentil sets. I have listed a few sets of my lovely spring lentils in my lampwork Etsy shop! Above is a shot of two sets in transparent and opaque lavender before I etched them all. There's also a big hole bead hanging out in there.. more on him later!

I also decided to create a few sets with different glasses instead of just all one type. This is Kiwi Mojito Mixed-Up Lentils and they are soooo yummy! This picture is also prior to etching (mwahaha, I'm etching mad!) and I just love these two greens and styles together. This set would make some really gorgeous spring jewellery :)

Back to our friend, the big hole bead! This is Simply Spangled Lavender BHB (big hole bead) and he fits on a Troll, Pandora, Biagi, etc. type bracelet system. I haven't made any BHBs in aaaaages but I was struck by the desire to revisit them yesterday. Why? Wellllllll, let's just say I have a drawer in my studio. This drawer, nono, this "friend's drawer" is so full of junk, I mean Very Important Things, that said friend didn't know what was in that drawer for a very long time. Yesterday she had the urge to clean out the drawer and, wouldn't you know it, at the bottom was my, I mean HER, Troll bracelet! Yeah, that's what happened. *innocent look* So I decided to make some BHBs in spring colours. Here is the first (cause I was lavender mad yesterday) with my 'simply spangled' treatment. I love it! It's so elegant and simple yet so pretty. Expect to see a lot more of these in the days to come! I'll be taking orders on these as well so if you'd like one in a particular colour, feel free to email me and I'll make one up for you. I have pretty much every colour glass imaginable so go crazy ;)

Any plans for the weekend? I have no idea what we're doing yet as it's still pretty snowy (can I say that?) outside. I braved the elements for coffee and other necessities and I'm thinkin' the snow is gorgeous to look at, fun to photograph but not-so-great to walk in or attempt to drive through. I think some movies and snuggles on the couch are in order!

Have a wonderful weekend :)



Mermaid Glass said...

Oh, these are so fresh and pretty. Looks like somebody really is dreaming of springtime!

Karen Creftor said...

Stunning as always K! I adore the spring colours :D

Great idea having a movie and snuggle time, might just have to do the same.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too *huggles* xxxxx

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thanks girls! :) <3

Jolanda said..., Keiara your lentils are wonderful !!! I like this colour lavender very much and I'm a absolute great fan from lentils too.

Happy Valentine :-))

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

thanks sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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