Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday ramblings and new beads!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Yeah, it's Wednesday and I'm only just now getting around to asking.. sorry. I have a good excuse though! I had a bunch of orders come in over the weekend so I spent all day Monday (and I do mean ALL DAY) chained to the torch creating kitties, trees, cupcakes and such. Above are the focals from Monday's session. Passionate Paula is having a sudden surge in popularity which I'm guessing must be tied to Valentine's Day ;) Luxe Kitty still holds the title of Most Requested Kitty but Paula is closing the gap on second!

So Monday was really really busy and then Tuesday I had a student :) She was absolutely darling (and quite talented too!) and we had a great time. Above is the tree that I demonstrated for her. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and I'm thinking of creating similar trees in other spring-y colours. Spring Fever continues ;)

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to visit Naomi. I haven't seen her in aaaaaages and I must have my Gnomie fix!! ;) Any fun plans this week, guys?

I'm off to relax a bit after a mad morning of admin work (ohhh my favourite). Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!



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