Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snow Day!!!

Hi everyone! I was getting a bit excited yesterday about the snow falling. Little did I know I'd wake up to the most amazing winter wonderland! I'm a native Floridian and I didn't grow up with snow. Before I moved to England, I only witnessed snow actually falling once when I was on a school trip to New York (and, even then, it was only the teeniest bit). I've never seen snow like this before! I find it all so magical and beautiful. I squealed like a kid on Christmas when I saw how much snow had fallen during the night. Of course then I quickly grabbed my camera (and coat) and went outdoors to take a few pictures.

The dogs seem to really love the snow.. even though they can barely navigate through it! They jumped around like mad things and you could just tell they were having the time of their little lives :) It was incredibly sweet.

And here is a view of my street. The drifts came all the way up to the front door (and at the back door, you could only *just* get the door open!!) It's beautiful, fine snow and it's more like powdered sugar (icing sugar) than snow. I love it! I keep peeking out the window to see if it's still snowing.. and it is!! The only real downside is my head is absolutely killing me and I don't see how I can possibly get my Valentine's dreads installed in time :'( Ah well! I'll console myself with the blanket of white outside ;)

Have a great day!



theothermousie said...

Oh lucky you - we hardly saw any flakes at all - booooo!

Hope you're well xx

xoxo said...

OOOooohhh beautiful snow it's like your own private Narnia :D

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

aww, you're missing out, Sarah!! It's GORGEOUS! Of course I just had to walk through the snow and slush to get coffee (we were nearly out) so I'm slightly less enamoured of the fluffy white stuff atm.. LOL ;) It IS like Narnia!! xox

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