Thursday, 23 July 2009

dreads are in!!!

Here they are!!! My lovely friend, Naomi, came over yesterday for a tea party and dread day. It's lucky I plied her with wonderful sandwiches, cheeses, veggies and cupcakes.. cause it took 5 1/2 hours to install these dreads! These are Colinette Cherry wool and I LOVE them! They are very light and comfy. It was a bit awkward to try to sleep last night.. but I'm sure that will get easier :) This is what they look like down. They fall to about the middle of my back now that I've trimmed them a bit. I also layered the front a little after these pics were taken. Is it weird to want a more 'natural' layered look when you have bright pink wool for hair?!?

This is what they look like in pigtails! They are braided into my hair and can be worn for up to 3 months (according to professional sources). I'm going to aim for one month and see how I go. The dreads themselves *can* be washed but it's not advised as they are very heavy when wet. A careful washing of the scalp once a week is recommended. How I'm going to wash my scalp without getting the rest of the dreads soaking wet is an interesting question.. which I will answer next week.. LOL ;) After they're removed they can be washed, air dried and stored for installing again in the future! I also have about oh.. a LOT.. of other colours to try. Do you think Naomi will be willing to stand there for 5 hours every month just to change my hair?! ;)

Ok, I'm off to melt some glass.. since this is supposed to be a glass blog, not a hair blog!! heehee :)

Have a great day!



Vicki said...

Oh Keiara! they look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

wow they look great

eve said...

wow they are fab looking, don't know if i could go without washing my hair for a month.

Julie Haveland Beer said...

I loooove your dreads, Keiara!! :-) x

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls!!! xox

ChatElaine said...

Wow they are so amazing! You look fab! ♥

teeth and snarlz said...

oh. my. gosh!

im so in love with your hair! its stunning!
i put fake dreads in once but they were synthetic not wool so they were REALLY heavy and i couldnt cope.

i just LOVE changing my hair! in fact, i have blue hair dye waiting to be washed out right now! i've never had blue hair before, im so excited!
i should be off to wash it out really!


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