Tuesday, 7 July 2009

have I mentioned I love felt??

Yes, I do. Love felt, that is. It's really quite an obsession. If it's made of felt, I want it! I recently stumbled across the wonderful Etsy shop of Betty Shek. You can already see the problem, can't you? THEY'RE GORGEOUS! I love absolutely everything bit of felt in her shop! The first heart is my favourite. It's perfectly made and the level of detail is amazing. It's also stuffed so it's slightly puffy too! I will be wearing this one on my jacket just as soon as it's jacket weather again ;)

Next is this fantastic purple heart. You know me and purple! I mean, it's purple, heart-shaped AND felt?! I didn't stand a chance. Again, you just wouldn't believe the level of detail in these. They are exquisite! The stitches are all so precise and perfect, the colours are fantastic and the embellishing makes the whole piece even prettier. I have this one attached to my backpack purse :D

Then, because I'm an annoying customer and always have to ask for something the artist DOESN'T make, I contacted Betty to see if she would make me some cupcakes in a similar style to the hearts. OMG!!!! These are the pictures she sent me today. Are you dying yet?? (As an aside, how awesome is the photograph, btw? This woman is seriously talented!) Ok, back to the cupcake. It's absolutely incredible, huh? The colours, the design, the attention to detail, the BUTTONS! I told her that they turned out even more wonderful than I could have imagined. Betty, you totally rule.

Intelligent woman that she obviously is, Betty sent me multiple choices. Yeah, you guessed it. I have to have both! How could I possibly say no to this bit of sweetness?? The answer is I can't. At all. I had no chance. Methinks she probably knew this ;) Clever girl!

So I might have asked if she could do another with more purple.. *sigh* I'm a goner! Let's all show Betty's shop some love. She really deserves it!

More beads tomorrow!

Hope you're having a great week :)



Karen said...

my 2 favorite things hearts and cupcakes

Keiara Wells said...

aren't they wonderful?! xox

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