Thursday, 2 July 2009

the henna disaster.. otherwise entitled: Why I Now Need Wool Dreads :)

Yeah. Wow. So. Henna. You'll note the hint of concern on my face combined with the slight pout. What this facial expression is saying is, "WTF have I done to my hair?!?" The picture really doesn't illustrate the full horror. It's a putrid shade of orange with a distinctly greenish-yellow undertone. It's so much less than attractive! Hey, the good side is it easily washes out! Oh wait, no it doesn't. Well at least I can colour over it! Uh uh, no can do.. unless I want straw for hair. I can always try even MORE henna and see what happens?! With that being my only real option, I decided to take a completely different route to turn this frown upside down: I ordered a bunch of gorgeous wool to turn into dreads! Yes!! I ordered loads and loads of gorgeous colours and now, armed with several tutorials about how to install double-ended slub wool dreads, I am finally going to throw caution to the wind and try it :D I've always thought they looked amazing and wanted to try them but had NO concept of just how easy they really are (and not actually 'dreads' in the sense that they're just braided into your own hair). Stay tuned for future hair posts.. this is gonna be interesting!

In other news, how sweet is this bracelet?? I've got a toothache already! This gorgeous bracelet is called The Girlie Show and it's part of Poor Robin's Festival series. I LOVE it! It's big, it's bright.. it's ribbons and felt and buttons and so cute I could absolutely die. It's also amazing well made and soft. It's not at all scratchy! The designer, Mel, is super friendly and was lots of fun to work with. I will definitely be ordering more from her. I like the bracelet so much that I asked if she could custom make a matching pendant... yesyes.. wait for it..

BAM! LOVES it! The pendant can be hung from the top loop of ribbon or from a hidden loop Mel has sewn into the back. It hangs from a pink cord that has a loop and button fastening. It's so cute.. I mean, reallyreallyREALLY cute! I'm so pleased :) Thanks a bunch, Mel!

And now I'm off to melt some glass.. and daydream about dreads. Have a great day!



SteamPunkGlass said...

ekk!!! Good luck with the dreads, my other half wears them (along with your lovely Zombie Kittie bead pendant!) and takes her no time to do her hair now! Maybe you could try some temporary hair dye, as even though it only lasts a few washes it's lot more gentle on the hair.

Karen said...

oh no , the dreads sound different, we will need to see pic's when they are in :O)

myaphrodite said...

So glad you like them! :)

Love your tats AND your hair! I hennaed mine not too long ago and it was about the shade of yours. I was scared to leave it on the full amount of time- I think I might have ended up looking like a fire engine. :P

I haven't had the guts to get any REALLY big tats, but I have 7 little ones. :)

Goth Honey said...

Gorgeous girl, you look great with Henna hair, so don't you worry! I am, however, extremely excited about the prospects of wool dreads, and want tons of photos! xxx

ChatElaine said...

Oooh poor lovey!! I like it though just not your normal red. Thats why I dont do red any more it just wrecks your hair!! Good luck with the dreads hun! :0))

Keiara Wells said...

Glenn, when you bringing her over to install my dreads then?! ;)

Thanks Mel! Tattoos are so addictive, huh?!

Laura, you're a liar but I love you anyway ;P I will definitely keep the blog updated with my dread journey :D

Thanks Elaine :) I'm smiling through the pain of horrid hair.. LOL!


Noodlefish Crafts said...

Love dreads-looking forward to seeing the pics!! xx

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