Friday, 10 July 2009

Happy Friday.. my hair is here!!

Hey guys! Happy Friday :) As I was sitting down to have some lunch the doorbell rang. When I answered it the delivery guy was holding this HUGE package and I thought he must have the wrong house. No, sure enough, it was addressed to me. I took the package and glanced down. COLINETTE! My hair!! Woohoo! I hurriedly signed the electronic doohickey and raced inside to open the package. Pictured above are three skeins from the package. From the back: Velvet Birberry, Florentina and Cherry. The picture does NOT do them justice. Each and every colour (and I got LOADS) is rich and bright and utterly divine. I'm sitting here stroking yarn. I've finally lost it.

Now I will strip my hair, shave the underside and dye it all magenta before installing my first set of dreads. I'm going with a mix of the Cherry and Velvet Birberry. I can't WAIT!

I'll take pictures along the way.. this is gonna be so much fun!

How about you? Anything fun planned for the weekend? We're having a 'family lunch' with Jen & family tomorrow which I'm REALLY looking forward to. Kaia will get to hang out with Ariana again and I'll get to love on Jen's little boys. They are SO adorable! I could just squeeze them til they pop :) Ok, I promise I won't do that.. but I'll be thinking it real hard!

I'm off to melt more glass.. lots of custom work this week keeping me busybusybusy!

Have a great weekend :)



Karen said...

wow lovely colours , I can't wait to see your 'new'hair have a great lunch tomorrow and try not to pop the kids lol

Saffie said...

Wow I have just googled wool dreads and there are so many pictures. Your hair is going to look awesome, strange but awesome. When are you doing it? I am quite excited :o)

Sam xx

Keiara Wells said...

thanks girls!! don't worry, Sam, you'll get to see it in person! ;) xox

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