Monday, 13 July 2009

more keys.. and a hair update!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I had a strenuous weekend of zombie slaying. (Translation: I played computer games most of the weekend.) It was fun! We didn't get to meet up with Jen & family :'( but we're all going to meet up at the Kent County Show this weekend :) So that's definitely turning a frown upside down! I also bleached my hair this weekend. More on that in a minute.
First up is Unlock Time Flux Key Focal. I took this pretty brass key and created an ivory bead around it which is swirled with special silver glass and then dotted with clear. I really like the look of this one. I called it Time Flux because the patterns in the ivory make me think of something ancient whilst the shiny, metallic finish of the silver glass makes me think of futuristic gadgets. I feel a series coming on!

Next up is Unlock Faerie Whispers Key Focal. Another lovely brass key this time with clear and that same silver glass (it's called Aurae) encased in clear. I hand shaped this one into one of my organic gems for added visual interest. When left on the surface Aurae appears very shiny but when encased it takes on this fabulous, ethereal mother of pearl effect. Pretty!

Hair update! I've now bleached my hair out. Pic on the left is what it looked like right before the bleaching and, of course, pic on the right is the after. It lightened up quite well but I'm going to put it through another round (and pray it doesn't fall out!) to lighten it up just a bit more. It's actually kind of pretty on its own as it retained a bit of the red so it has an all-over pale apricot look. Hopefully it will be ready for the pink colour by Wednesday! More pics soon ;)

Anyone have anything exciting going on this week? I'm hoping to have a get-together with a friend on Wednesday, schedules permitting. I received several different key shipments in the past few days so be on the lookout for more keys from me!

Ok, off to melt glass! Have a great week :)



Admin said...

nice blog

Vicki said...

you're so patient with your hair... its gunna look so so so good, i put this dark pink colour on my hair, and lightened it before for it to go as bright as work would accept... I do it all in one go... but suffer in the long run!!! I have bright purply/pinky/red roots with pale gingery/brown ends! lol!!! can't wait to see how your pink hair and wool turns out, I bet its gunna be bloody brilliant :-) x

Goth Honey said...

Hey Miss K!

Your keys are awesome, I really love them - you're so clever! I can't wait to see my gothic one ;) Although I am also tempted with these too!

eve said...

Love the key, on the hair front you should have done a bleach bath first to lift some of the red out, this is just the bleach with shampoo, I did this when i did hairdressing, as my hair was a different colour nearly every month,

ChatElaine said...

Love that Aurae glass, sulk sulk! On a glass spending ban at the moment, got to wait for my spending spree!! Loving the hair hope it turns out great for you. x

Keiara Wells said...

thanks everyone! more keys coming soon ;) xox

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