Friday, 3 July 2009

flowers.. and dread beads!

Happy Friday!! Here are some beads from yesterday. This one is Amethyst Desert Fleur Focal. I'm really liking bright frit backgrounds swirled with organics lately. Add a stylized flower and, hey, I dig it ;)

Next up is another key!! This is Unlock Wild Freesia Key Focal and it is SO much prettier in person. The base bead is one of my Pollock style beads in pink and black then I decorated it with a curving vine and freesia blooms. Feminine yet funky :)

I'm planning ahead with dread beads! From left: Starfish Beach, Pink Freesia, Sweet Cupcake and Twilight Tree. These were all made on 5mm mandrels so they can also be worn on Troll, Pandora, Biagi, etc. bracelets! Expect to see a lot more dread beads from me.. I have to build up a supply to choose from! ;)

I'm off to spend some time with Sam.. who is arriving any moment! Hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!



ChatElaine said...

Have a great day with Sam, say Hi for me!! ♥

Goth Honey said...

OMG they are AMAZING!! I *love* those key beads!!!

Karen said...

great beads I love the key,

Keiara Wells said...

Heehee, she waved and said 'hi' back, Elaine!

Thanks girls.. watch this space for more key beads ;)


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